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Karen Ardiff, voice over artist

Photo of voiceover artist Karen Ardiff  

Karen has installed a home audio recording system suitable for commercial use during the period of the COVID 19 crisis. Please contact us for details of their specific audio set up if you wish to make a booking.

One of Ireland’s leading voiceover artists, Karen is also one of the leading stage actresses of her generation in Ireland. With beautifully produced rich tones that land comfortably in a neutral Dublin range she also has a seemingly limitless capacity for character voices and regional and international accents. One listen to her VO samples below should demonstrate why Karen remains one of the most popular choices for VO on Irish radio and television today. Karen is a regular contributor to the popular satirical radio and live act The Emergency and you can hear samples of her work by checking out their website here or hear her hit Xmas song from the same show by clicking here.

Karen’s narration on children’s animation “Happy Valley”, RTE 2.

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